Conscious Sexuality

Everyone living fulfilled sex lives, fully in their body, in love with who they are and what is possible for them and for the people in their lives



Conscious Sexuality, standing for whats really possible in a relationship….

Where two people are working together to bring each other up to the best that each can be

Welcome to this page,

Are you looking for creating an extra-ordinary relationship?

Melanie and Paul are both in a relationship with each other and know and understand the challenges having an extra-ordinary relationship can be and they both know its possible.  And we are here to support you both in creating that for you.

It maybe that you have been in a relationship for a while and frustrations have set in, things haven’t always gone the way you want them too and conversations don’t seem to be able to resolve it.  You maybe frustrated with a lack of intimacy and/or your sexual life dying or not being as exciting as it used to be, or may have died altogether with the stresses of day to day life.

Or it maybe a fairly new relationship and you want to address things early on, baggage that might have come from previous relationships or things that are not working for you and your not sure how to address them.

Or you may just want to learn more about how to have more pleasure in your relationship, find out whats really possible in taking your relationship to the next level.

We combine coaching, consent, communication, embodiment and Tantric practices in our one to one sessions, based purely on what you want as an outcome. Taking you from wherever your at currently to seeing whats really possible in your relationship

Learn to get past distance and frustration

Communication is one of those things we all know we need to be good at and yet can be one of the hardest things to do when there is upset and frustration.  We can support you in working through this learning how to ask for what you want, to give, take and receive in a way that you both get what you want

Learn to connect more to each other in intimacy

Through tantric practices, breath work and other embodiment techniques, experience your intimacy soar

Learn to reconnect to the fun and passion you had

Often a relationship gets settled into the longer term, the initial fun and passion starts to die. Real-life kicks in with other demands, work, kids, family, and other commitments. Working with Tantric and embodied practices you can start to bring the fun and passion back to the relationship

Passion, intimacy, connection, love, spiritual direction, full self expression in your desires…

Whatever you want it is possible