Conscious Sexuality


To Conscious Sexuality, a place where you experience profound connection to who you were meant to be

Learn to connect more with your heart

Through loving self-touch, breath work and other embodiment techniques, connect with your hears and feel your heart open. And yes this is a practice for any gender!

Learn how to feel more in your body

self-touch is an amazingly simple yet powerful in allowing you to feel more sensations, being in the present moment and learning what you like as a powerful woman

Learn to fully express you love and have a fullfilling relationship

What ever style of relationship you are in, wether it be traditional monogomy, open, polyamourous, bi-sexual, lesbian or gay.  Both of the team are polyamourous and Melanie is bi-sexual.  We bring our experiences of love in many forms.

Fully alive and loving unconditionally 

Melanie has a passion for empowering men and women through sensual bodywork. She draws on her impressive experience in somatic work, tantra and sexual energy release to deliver sessions that are deeply impactful, insightful and pleasurable! I practise tantra and sexual energy work with other coaches, however Melanie offers something unique because of her authentic self. I am blown away by the powerful transformation I have experienced with Conscious Sexuality in a matter of weeks through both Melanie’s group and couple sessions.

Melanie’s Conscious Touch group sessions are delivered in a welcoming, intimate and safe space to explore your sexuality. You are gently guided through meditation, breathwork and touch exercises for 90 minutes. While the focus is to connect to yourself, you embark on a sensual journey that is graceful yet so potent and sure to impact your intimate relationships. From being so present to the body, I have developed heightened sensitivity and a profound grounding in my body that I did not even realise was possible! As a result, I gained a higher level of self-awareness and confidence that has caused beautiful ripples in my relationship with my life partner.


I started taking part right at the beginning of the Conscious Touch series during the lockdown. What I found out during this time was how much I was not connected to my own body. As time went on I learn to just be with the moment of the touch and how it made me feel. I now practice this twice a week and the more I do it the more I become alive inside and outside. I have to say I could not have done this without the trust and guidance of Melanie Knight. A very warm personal and trusting guiding light. I would highly recommend this to everyone as this is not just about the pleasure it’s also about the inner healing. I am very thankful for the experience and will continue to participate. Thank Melanie Knight.


I can’t thank Melanie enough for her Thursday Conscious Touch class. It came at a time when I needed it the most, when I didn’t even know I needed it.
I joined the class without really knowing what it was about – all I knew was that I was really missing hugs while sheltering in place alone during the pandemic, and this might help. I had no idea Melanie’s class would end up having such a transformative impact in my life in ways I didn’t expect or imagine.
She holds the space and guides the practice in such a magnificent way, making us feel comfortable to find and explore our own journeys, never pushing, always encouraging.
I am also incredibly grateful for the wonderful group of people that take part in the class, sharing their experience with such honesty and vulnerability, opening their hearts and souls in a way that I’ve rarely experienced before.
Thank you all!

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