Conscious Sexuality

Everyone living fulfilled sex lives, fully in their body, in love with who they are and what is possible for them and for the people in their lives


Conscious touch is a practice of being in the now. If you place a hand on your arm and really focus on feeling the sensations, the warmth of your skin, the pressure your fingers are making, the speed of the movement (if your moving), then you cannot help but be in the present moment. Go on give it a go… touch your arm…
And if you find you are still thinking about the things you have to do today, or when you will get that promotion, or when you will meet that person of your dreams, just notice that you are thinking about the future (or the past) and bring yourself back to the feeling of your hand touching your arm.
Notice the texture of the skin, any rough patches, if you have hairs feel them, notice if you are enjoying that feeling, notice if you are not. Whether you enjoy it or not you are in the present and not thinking about all the things from your past or worrying about your future.
One of the things I have noticed by doing this practice regularly is that I feel more, I am enjoying more the simple things in life like touch, being in nature, I am feeling more in my body and loving my body more, and when I am with my partner I more with him and not in my head thinking about what I have to do tomorrow. The feeling of when we do a simple thing like when kiss each other is so enjoyable, the feeling so exquisite, so connected that I could just do that for hours