Conscious Sexuality

Everyone living fulfilled sex lives, fully in their body, in love with who they are and what is possible for them and for the people in their lives


Have you ever been in a business meeting and agree to do something knowing full well you don’t have the time to do it, and it means you will have to stay late yet again?

Or you say no to going out for drinks with friends only regretting it and wishing you had gone?

If you have ever done any version of these then read on….

You might be wondering though what any of this is doing on a site called conscious sexuality. Well it’s surprisingly common that people struggle saying what they really feel, which then plays out in relationships, whether they are casual, long term, or anything else.

So now onto a more relevant question…

Have you ever in sex said yes when you didnt want to, or said yes but part way through didnt want it and carried on anyway? And then maybe even pretended you was having a good time.

Again this is supprisingly common.

The issue is though that it means many people are having very unsatisfactory sex, of which their partner might not even be aware as you maybe very good at faking it. Even if they know at some level people are often not able to voice concerns or ask for what they really want for fear of rejection, for fear of maybe being seen as weird.

So what can you do about it?