Conscious Sexuality

Everyone living fulfilled sex lives, fully in their body, in love with who they are and what is possible for them and for the people in their lives


Do you ever feel like you are wearing a mask?

Or do you ever find that you are one type of person with your colleagues, another with your friends, another with your family, and another with your partner?  And it even can get more complicated than that, certain friends you are one way with and other friends you are another, the same with colleagues, you may be one way with your immediate colleagues and another way with your boss or people in authority.

That’s normal though you possibly saying, there is no way I could tell my boss what I can tell my best friend.  There is no way I can tell my Mum everything I get up to!  Yes, I have been there, and I know and understand the challenges of all of this.  

I am not here to tell you how to run your life, I do want to challenge you though if this applies to you.  When we are not living authentically we are at some level constrained, never fully self-expressed with anyone, having to remember who we told what, maybe having to lie to some people.  Often having to live into expectations that are often not true because of the impression we have given that person or that group of people, such as we are a good person, a quiet person, a hard worker, a slacker.  No one label is true for any one person but often we become constrained by these labels that people have of us.

I am going to leave you with this thought…. what would be possible if we were able to live authentically, fully self-expressed in every community we live and have in our life?

And what would it mean to you to be able to live that way?  It is possible I promise you x