Conscious Sexuality includes coaching in a wide range of body-based approaches to knowing yourself and exploring your sexuality. The foundations are breath, movement and body awareness, combined with consent and boundary setting. And on that foundation, you can learn communication, anatomy, touch, massage, self-pleasure, erotic trance and much more.

Conscious sexuality nurtures, deepens, or awakens your connection to your body and self. And, from that connection, develops a way of knowing and trusting what you want, loving yourself and feeling more sensation in your body. You can explore and heal feelings of sexual shame, explore the intersection of sex and spirit, better express your desires or deepen erotic pleasure and your ability to feel pleasure in your entire body.

Other approaches can treat you like a patient with someone trying to fix you. Conscious sexuality is not like that. In the space of conscious sexuality, we work together to create an experience that is just right for what you want to bring into your life. We’ll use practical exercises and you are always at choice about what we focus on and what exercises we do. You can stop any time and change the focus as you need.

Everything is welcome here: your feelings, emotions, resistance, shame, dark thoughts, anger, tears, upset, sensations, arousal or anything else that might come up. You may feel some or many of these at some point. You may feel challenged or out of your comfort zone. All of these are normal and part of the journey. I’ll support you in being with what comes up and learning from it. And you are welcome to request anything in our sessions without judgement.

I take consent seriously and everything I say is an invitation, which you can decline. We’ll make sure that you’re able to notice what’s right for you in your body and you never need to do anything that feels wrong to you. Together we will create exercises that you and your body can say “yes” to.

I welcome you on this beautiful journey.