Conscious Sexuality

Everyone living fulfilled sex lives, fully in their body, in love with who they are and what is possible for them and for the people in their lives



Conscious Sexuality, a place where you get to be the powerful feminine woman that you were meant to be

Welcome to this page,

If you have found this page you were meant to be here.  You are ready to be healing your feminine.  And whether you have already done work on this or this is your first dip into this water, I really want to acknowledge you for finding your way here.  It is a beautiful and sometimes challenging journey.  But one that is a profound journey of exploring who you really are and who you were meant to be. Without all the baggage, hurts, betrayals, and trauma you might have collected on your journey so far.  What would life be like if you really were fully expressing that feminine power, in love with who you are, your body, living in pleasure, and excitement for what life is?  I promise you this is really possible!

We offer bespoke one to one sessions designed just for you in what you are dealing with and what you want in your life.  We have both feminine and masculine in our team because we believe that both the feminine and masculine need healing in everyone, and gives you an opportunity if you wish to work with both sides to heal what you need to heal.


Working with the Feminine

Melanie can support you in working with your feminine aspect, whether it be learning to love your body, learn to feel, learning to experience pleasure to heights you never thought possible mindfully and consciously, learning boundaries, expressing your needs and desires, asking for what you want, feeling in control, dealing with triggers powerfully and healing them.  Life is supposed to be pleasurable, it really is possible to live in ecstasy with life.

Working with the Masculine

Paul can support you with working with your masculine aspect, this might be to heal all the hurts you have experienced with men in your life, where you have been misunderstood, not heard, not gotten, not listened to, not loved unconditionally in the way you wanted to be, not held, where you have been objectified, or abused, or raped or other trauma, where you have not had your needs met, done things you wish you hadn’t, not stopped something you thought you wanted but then realised you didn’t.  Healing these types of hurts means that you can start to open up to love again and if you are in a relationship currently take that to a whole new level, if you are single then healing in this way enables you to really cause what you want in the next relationship


Learn to connect more with your heart

Through loving self-touch, breath work and other embodiment techniques, connect with your hears and feel your heart open

Learn how to feel more in your body

self-touch is an amazingly simple yet powerful in allowing you to feel more sensations, being in the present moment and learning what you like as a powerful woman

Learn to love the woman in the mirror

Often there is a part of us we don’t like, maybe its our tummy that sticks out, or our nose is too long, or our breasts not big enough. Learning embodiment techniques gives you access to loving all of you

Fully alive and loving the beautiful woman that you are